Global Liquidity Scene Graph
A framework for rendering live 3D data in a web browser


World's first framework for rendering live data in 3D in a web browser

GLSG can be used to visualize any data in 3D in real-time, providing literal new dimensions of insight, gamification, and user experience innovation for any industry.

Instead of relying on the CPU to create and replicate each 3D object within a scene individually, GLSG works by leveraging the power of the GPU to render an entire 3D scene as a single object. This gives GLSG its unprecedented resource efficiency, allowing it to load and maintain high framerates in any modern web browser, regardless of device.

Trading data

Discover new patterns, such as those revealed by Bionic Trader

Network data

Monitor performance at a glance using colors and shapes rather than rows of numbers

Medical data

View an evolving landscape of parallel metrics to see changes in vital signs with clarity and context

Virtual reality and gaming

Create live scenes that work in both VR headsets and mobile browsers

Social media data

View sentiment data from every social media platform at once, pinpointing where trends arise and how they spread.


With device GPUs rapidly increasing in power, GLSG has the potential to become the UX layer of the new internet — the portal to the metaverse. To facilitate this, we’ve made GLSG open-source.

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