The Future of Trading



Live 3D Trading Data

Bionic Trader visualizes order book history in 3D, providing unprecedented insight into market microstructures.

A new scientific instrument for market analysis

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Free integration into websites and apps

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Geo-Symmetrical Latency

The Trading Rig is the first globally-distributed version of today's high frequency trading infrastructure. A network of trading rigs allows users remotely to control algorithmic trading bots, and achieve minimal latency from anywhere in the world.

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Visualize any data in 3D (Open Source)

We built the first framework for rendering live data in 3D in a web browser. Use it to bring clarity and intuitiveness to data in any industry, for any purpose, to reveal insights that were never before possible.

Infinitely customizable

Create "landscapes" of live data

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What iPhone did for cell phones, we're doing for trading: Blasting a hole in existing UX, revealing a universe waiting to be created.

James Andrew

CEO & Chief Architect

Mike Elias

Business Development

Ervin Timar

Product Engineer

Chris James

Marketing & Operations

Jessica HAMMER

Chief of staff

sarah Lord

Creative Manager


“Remarkable! Do send me this!”
Richard Branson
“This is really cool. Make this into an industry.”
Tim Draper
"I've certainly used TradingView, and this is much more impressive."
Michael Terpin
“I, for one, could watch that for hours.”
“This is the best thing I have seen in a long time.”
“Many thanks for your ingenuity and selfless commitment to the crypto community.”
“Thanks a lot, I'm using it. Would be nice having a screen on my wall and running it 24/7”